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Lately seeing a lot of crazy things happen (Personal, family, friends, media) has got me thinking more about what I used to do, and can do now for a change. Before I used to make fun of the revolutionaries that wouldn't dare step out of their house to make a change in this world. All words did was make them look like they cared, but tell them to take it outside and they would do a double take. The world right now is painting a ugly picture for the future, we are all guilty of it to a certain degree. I have seen people that have less than most, put up a fight when someones rights are in danger. There is a struggle now that millions of people are going thru right now and there is little that everyone is doing for their fellow man. In years past most that didn't have authority/power, used to use what they knew to get a message across. Music was a great tool that used to be used to uplift the people.

I recently got into Silvio Rodriguez, and hear the power in his music. He is part of the Nueva Trova, and has used his music to bring a certain awareness, and care that many can't even get close to. This is one way that someone has used their knowledge and gotten a message across. Affected directly since his birth (Came from a farmer family) with issues in Cuba, I'd like to say he is one of the artistic greats that made change happen.

Help others that don't have, and make this world abit better (yea sounds cheesy, so what). Enough sitting on my ass doing jack, gotta get back to doing something. If we don't take care of others in need, how long are we to survive in this dog eat dog world? People fight for the wrong reasons, no longer attributed to life but beef or some stupid Hollywood bullshit.

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