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So I got an email from SaveDarfur.org like 5 minutes ago. Pretty much reminding all of us that Obama said he would do something about the horrors and atrocities in Darfur. An easy way to show some interest or help is by sending a online postcard to Barack Obama, from SaveDarfur.org. Below is email: SaveDarfur.org Allyn Brooks

If the momentum on the streets of Washington, DC today is any indication, President Obama will have tremendous support and reinforcement to act decisively to end the genocide.

I'm forwarding a message I just received from one of our Save Darfur volunteers who is outside now collecting signatures for the postcard campaign. After you read David's message, sign your own postcard to President Obama:


Today is Day One. While Americans celebrate the inauguration of a new president, the people of Darfur face rape, murder, and starvation. They wonder if the rest of the world has forgotten about them.

President Obama promised "unstinting resolve" to end the genocide in Darfur, and he must know we will hold him to it. Please, add your voice to the loud and insistent chorus in Washington DC and let President Obama know he must lead on Darfur starting today.

In solidarity,

Allyn Brooks-LaSure Save Darfur Coalition

-----Original Message----- From: David Rosenberg To: Allyn Brooks-LaSure Subject: Inauguration day update

Allyn- I wish you could see this. There're hundreds of thousands of people on the streets and we've already collected thousands of postcard signatures.

People are incredibly responsive. Once they hear about what's happening in Darfur and how crucial it is for Obama to see public support for strong action, they sign the postcard.

We're cold but energized and working really hard. It's inspiring to see this many people speaking out for Darfur. Is there a way to share with our supporters across the country?

See you back in the office later, David Rosenberg

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