What a jip


I recently watched the Mirrors movie. It went ok for the first half, then it just spiraled down and crashed a fiery demon death. So I get the whole demon possessed premise, and the mirrors making people die. But there is a good amount of info missing in this movie. Good amount of crock here.

I questioned the Daytime guard of the Mayflower store, and why he never saw nothing in the mirrors or got affected in any way. At first I was thinking maybe he was one of the doctors in the old hospital guarding the secret, but nope. Another part of the story that was kinda stupid was the whole department store used to be a psychiatric hospital bit, that's just plain stupid in my opinion. The whole cause of the mass killing in the hospital was because some nutso (schizophrenia) little girl got strapped in to a mirror globe to face her true self  and the demon got out... good one guys. What type of demon and where did it come from anyways, was it the devil or just some random evilness? Last shitty thing was that the old guard (before Keifer Sutherland) was obsessed with cleaning the mirrors... for what if they were going to kill you anyways and they didn't asked to be cleaned.

Weird little questions kept popping up while I watched. Also why did the doctor that was attending Anna dismiss her 2 days before the massacre? The relative said he let her go to protect her, like he knew everyone was going to look in the mirror and kill themselves. ANNNNND why did the demon get trapped in the mirror? Was this a Holy Magic Mirror? At the end Sutherland is trapped in the mirrored world, how that happen... the world may never know.

The parts that I did like was the whole alternate evil shown in the mirrors, the thought was frightening. You see yourself in the mirror and then what's reflected goes on and kills you. The effects were pretty spot on and believable, acting ehh entertaining I guess. It was ok but just glad I didn't get charged for this, let's just leave it at that.

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