LAMC after-thought/shock/math

Ok so the LAMC is finally over and I can gather some of my experiences into something that resembles a complete thought. First and foremost I'd like to thank Cookman Mgmt and Nacional Records for creating the LAMC and having all of us, also sharing themselves so we can all gain knowledge together and further expand our network. The performances were amazing, the people were great, the talent was out of this world and everyone was up to helping each other and talk about who and what they were. They also had panels on the music industry and even about marketing your own music in other media, needless to say it was amazing the wealth of knowledge that was spread in that room during those 3 days. It honestly felt like everyone was part of a huge family even tho we were all representing our own websites, magazines, and media outlets... oh yeah the free stuff was dope too hehe.

We had the joy of  experiencing fantastic performances from all over the Latin America, some we knew and some we didn't which was much sweeter. We also had the great opportunity to interview  and photograph quite a few folks and boy was it hot during those photo takes. A surprise act that really got me as soon as they struck a chord was Arboles Libres, an amazing trio of guys from Miami Beach (Yeah I know!) that rocked like crazy on their night. Our favorites like Chico Mann, Alex Cuba, Pinkertones, Jumbo, and out of their 11 year hiatus Maldita Vecindad also with MANY more made the 4 day event full of sweat and backaches worth it all. Hopefully you have checked out all the LAMC stuff we've been posting, and there is still more to come!! So pardon the slowness on the site for a few, as we are reading up some video and photo goodness for all you Giants out there.

Overall it was a beautiful showcase of Latinos working together and creating something beautiful while also enjoying fantastic music, networks, Monster drinks, and Mr. J. Daniels! To all that supported the Giants while there thank you and to our fellow readers, we are forever in your service to bring you the Giant art and music to make this world a better place.

Giant out!