Gundam-nit one hour?

Continuing the dorkyness of the recent postings, I recently came into a model kit for a Gundam [Type A.C.D.] 4 or 5 inch figure from Image Anime. I'm thinking to myself  'oh ok this is going to be easy' since Wing (owner) said it's one of the easy snap ones. Well... it took me one whole hour to put together a tiny figure, boy did I feel slow and proud when I finished that. I got this in a 20 dollar grab bag that Image Anime puts together and got 35-40 worth of stuff, I'd say Lil Giant and I came out winning. If your in Midtown NYC be sure to stop by Image Anime and snag a few things,  they got a good amount of figures and anime and those 20, 50, 100 dollar grab bags are awesome.

Would I do one of these kits again? Hmm... ahh why not! They do look pretty awesome when your done.