The Plexiglass Fountain – Carpe Diem

The Plexiglass Fountain (Tokyo Cigar and Cyclops) project is back with Carpe Diem including Cee and Bekah in this track. I can never just say what it sounds like with these PGF tracks... it always turns out to become something visual in my brain where I start envisioning what the song looks like. So... hazy atmosphere, blueish tint to the whole image, mist up to the knees thick as dope smoke all you see are torsos and slowdowns of people falling and rising from the mist. The moon as big as you've ever seen it looks to be only 10 feet away from the roof of the temple. Trees have no leaves, bodies only knees... your on the edge of the roof focused like a Mantis as you watch it all go down yet can't interrupt the flow of battle.

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