Cmon now... schools!?

I was just watching Channel 2 news right now, and heard some crazy shit.  The Diocese has plans on closing 11 catholic schools, due to certain reasons. They are Decline in Enrollment, Very Significant Deficit, and Operation Untenable says Rev. Kieran Harrington. So you'd rather close down schools, and make a youtube page. Why don't you go and take some of that unnecessary gold you got and keep teaching the youth? This pissed me off to no end really. Here I see parents crying and kids asking what's going to happen to them (St. Aloysius in Queens), and they don't have a answer that they really can give them that would be understandable. There has to be something they can do, and not go to the extreme route of shutting down the place for knowledge (let's leave the slutty Catholic School Girl argument out of this). Sure there are tough times, but schools... where a small child can go to learn and develop themselves.  As little as I know about where the Churchs money goes, I think this is an outrage and surely something that I hope many don't let happen.

I only hope that all these school closing don't happen. I really don't know what to say right now, besides the two paragraphs I spewed out right now!

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