Taken somewhere

I recently saw a movie dealing with human trafficking, and saw how sick an tight the group doing it can be. I thought to myself damn this is some crazy shit, too crazy to be real type of stuff. They took some girl that was visiting a country for the first time with some friend. They take both of them and fix (bikini's and drugs) them up so they can sell them to wealthy people (men really). It was like some weird peeping palace, but you bought what you saw. After I watch the movie i start seeing little things on TV and internet about invisible chain slavery. Pretty sick world we live in when a person is kept against their will, only by mental slavery. They could leave at any time, but chose not to because of the brainwashing. To think that these organizations go around taking people to serve a horrible cause is beyond evil.  Just hope that one day all this doesn't even exist, big hope? yeah but at least there is hope.

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