Is it not Hip-Hop?

Many of the Hip-Hop heads I know including me have had certain thoughts as to what "real" Hip-Hop is or should look like. I've been thinking about this for a couple of days and I've come to the conclusion that we might all be wrong about the genre/culture/life we love soo much or supposedly know soo much about. Some might say that skinny jeans or fitted shirts aren't Hip-Hop, so baggy tees and over-sized jeans are what we as Hip-Hop lovers should look like? I think not. The same way we don't like when our beloved culture is mocked/threatened/disliked for stereotypes we sometimes do the same to our own.

Let's just say you see a guy/girl walking down the street with a baggy t-shirt and saggy jeans some immediately will say "Oh they like Hip-Hop," yet if you see someone with a tank-top and skinny jeans they will label it something else or better yet derogatory. I know and have been thru arguments and discussions on Hip-Hop and end up having to defend it from people who don't necessarily understand the music or culture. We fight soo much to protect our music yet sometimes we fail it by judging how someone looks or acts just because there is a general population that thinks (prejudice?) and looks the same. Many of the pioneers from this genre do not look like what you call "Hip-Hop heads" now, more so like jokes or negative comments in the making to some of you. Hip-Hop is about difference, life, good times, trouble, your surroundings, releasing stress, and the daily struggle... wouldn't that make anyone or anything that likes it a part of it?

Oh and flip flops ARE Hip-Hop.

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