The NeverFinishGaming Story

Yes this Giant has something similar to that pile above but mine are in a few boxes and stands/shelves. I used to be a hardcore collector (geek) and still have my collection, I just have been taking it a little easy on buying as it can become quite expensive. Hovering around 500+ games it can also take up a good deal of space, but quantity is not an issue... well in a different sense I guess it is. It's safe to say that over 50% of the games I own I haven't finished, horrible isn't it? The collector in me says bring em on but then reality hits and I don't even have the time to fully finish one game yet I keep buying new ones.

Best example is my most recent purchase of Assassin's Creed 2 and Gears of War 2 (LATE), I haven't finished the first Assassins Creed but I dove in and bought the continuing story. At least I finished Gears Of War... then again that game was super short. As if those plastic cartridges, cds/dvds/whatnots were Pokemon I feel like I got to collect em all somehow. What is it about lining up those covers and having them all match the system logos while sometimes being color coded (Don't ask) that brings a smile to my geeky face!? Dunno but I need to sit down and finish 300+ games some day, who wants to help??

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