To the top one day

As I sit here on my desk/area/slave pit looking out of a window to see bricks and glass, my brother in law is in Pico Duarte. I really wanted to go this time, but I will save that trip for later. I can't wait to see his pictures and the stories he will have. It was a 1 week hiking trip. It has an elevation 10,164ft. (or 3,098 meters if your into that thing), I hears it's a hell of an experience. Hopefully we can make it down there soon, I kind of miss it. It's a lot of walking, but you get to see one of nature's beauty's at it's highest point in the Caribbean. I think you get to take a burrito for a bit, after a certain section you can't just walk it. Ahhhhhhh, soon my Caribbean mountain soon.

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