If only a viewfinder

I wonder how different life would be if it was thru a viewfinder that we looked in? Maybe it would be perfect, then it probably wouldn't work cause no thing perfect. I mean when you have your camera, you chose what to see, frame it, then capture it. What if you can crop out all the negative/bad off of a shot of life? Making it seamlessly disappear. This might sound crazy to some but it makes perfect sense to me, so I'm writing about it. Controlling how much of what you see, and at what scale sounds ideal when things are going bad I would think. I am continuing to believe this year is off to a crappy start, and just would like for everyone to take a breather from it. Everyone is feeling something to a certain extent, and it's showing all around. I call for a worldwide vacation! Would be nice, but you know... ain't gonna happen.

All of the evil, bad, harmful, taken away to form the near perfect shot of the world, life, or humanity at least. I guess you can call this DayText Dreaming, once again... would be nice.

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