Too good to not get

I saw an article on, giving light to a English translation to a Japanese Namco Star Wars game. This shit is off the wall, soo crazy I'm going to try to get it on eBay. You need to go rescue Obi-Wan and you fight Egyptian themed creatures and fight Darth Vader after every level...well a Vader variant. He turns into a monster...a giant SCORPION! Genius.


I wonder what goes thru the mind of these crackpots that divvy up these stories. it's like ok you have an established brand (HUGE at that), then you go and try to create a story for it to make it cool. Then you go and create this mess of a story that has nothing to do with the Star Wars Universe. This game was never brought ot the US, I wonder why? haha. I like Namco but wow, what a f up this is!

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