the1shanti - Thug?

[youtube=]Giant fam the1shanti hooked up with Someplace Called Brooklyn to create this piece on  the word thug and how it is used or glamorized in our Hip-Hop culture. Do you know what your really representing or what your putting forth for the people to see?

This is what the1shanti had to say about this video: "Yesterday was an exciting day for me, along with my friends at Someplace Called Brooklyn, we gave ourselves two hours to create an art project/song which would express some of the thoughts which were on my mind this week. Every day, I hear the word thug thrown about but I wonder if people in our hip-hop culture understand the origins of the word. My two cents are on the more extreme side of where the word was derived from, but it's not without purpose. The point is to use it as a conversation starter. Do we even wonder what we are sensationalizing via the media and popular culture?"

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