YC The Cynic - Fall FWD

So something went down when YC performed at SOB's for Big K.R.I.T.'s signing to Def Jam party and some hate was spewing hardcore. I honestly don't know who was on the negative tip but if it spawned this track...  it must be well deserved cause he showed them what's it all about. The track is short but lyrically damaging... just don't mess with em folks. Boogie Down doing it's thing and 2 Hungry Bros. rocked that beat!

"Recently, I rocked at a show at SOBs to celebrate Big K.R.I.T. signing to Def Jam. While I was performing, one of the underground's favorite darlings to hate was hard at work on the internet, calling the show #Niggafest2000, and getting at me in the process. Needless to say, my brethren rose to the occasion and were quick to defend, and she ended up getting put in her place. That inspired this joint right here. FALL FWD! Shouts to 2 Hungry Bros, Liz Allen, Conscious and of course, Baxter P. Wordsworth. Peace."

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