Ok fine, I'm addicted

Yes this is Walt Disney World, and I am a addict. First time I went was 2006, because of wifey ("It's the happiest place on earth"). I was thinking why the hell do I want to go to a kids theme park?!? then I said ok. Damn, this place is awesome. Yes there is tons of evil mouse propaganda on the web, and crazies with their Satan worship references. Nevermind that.

We have gone back every year, and last year we went twice!! I for one can't get enough of all the detail, and care you get at Disney. The way they cater to you is pretty sick, only thing is that their Hamburgers suuuuuuck wooo boy. Their teeny details like find the hidden Mickeys is crazy, and shows how much work went into this place. It also makes you feel like a little kid when you're there.  I don't care what they say about this place, it is the shite.

If you stay in a Disney Hotel, it is even better because of all the imagery and decorations in the place. They also treat everyone like Kings and Queens there, which doesn't hurt either. Yes we have already talked about going back again this year, and most likely will. Screw the tinfoil hat people and their theories, just go and be happy. Not many things out there make an adult feel like a 8 year old again, this is it.

Now that I have a lil boy, I have more of an excuse to go! haha. He loved it too. Ever since I got my Lumix, I take tons of pics when I go and love it. There is soo much going on, it's perfect for shots. This place just works, plain and simple.

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