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Bloggers... a rare breed of writers and artists whom some are on an infinite search for the true good and not the next best for hits. Most don't see or truly understand what goes on and how we have to move around and after all is posted and tweeted bloggers are real people too. In comes a new type of interview for you to read about those that run your favorite blog. Our first Blog Interview is Megatron from HailMegatron.net, he runs a Hip-Hop blog where they features the good and the striving. Thanks to the Decepticon for taking the time out and answering a few questions for this Giant. Enjoy.


Where did Hail Megatron come from and why? Well I've been a Transfomers fan for as long as I can remember. While kids were Autobot and Optimus Prime fans I was a Megatron and Decepticon fan. My mom thought it was weird that I liked the bad guys but they were always shooting stuff and getting into mischief. Fortunately, I didn't get into any trouble while I was a kid but I liked what they stood for. So when I started blogging I started doing it with one of my best friends from Scotland but his schedule got hectic and couldn't do it anymore. So I started hailmegatron.net by myself after my love of transformers and music. I run the site myself, update it myself, and network myself. I do it alone because I like having that personal connection with artists and knowing things are done. I guess that's the Decepticon in me.

What is the Decepticon Movement all about? If you ever notice, Decepticons always fight for what they want. They might not always succeed but they always give 110% and they use intelligent tactics to pursue their dreams. That's what the Decepticon Movement is all about. They might not be signed and some might make tracks from their computer with a microphone purchased at Best Buy, but they are trying to succeed in the crowded genre known as hip hop. And the ones I post on my site are intelligent, witty, and can rap with the best of them. If you have a dream or an idea and you work hard at it, you will succeed. The movement is not necessarily about being ruthless, evil, and manipulative but about the will to try and never give up no matter how many people don't believe in you or your abilities.

Do you fear of an internet where a unique vision or opinion is lost due to people just posting music and nothing more just to get hits? I'm terrified of it. However, that's already happening. Some sites post for hits, some don't. I don't post for hits at all. My blog is based out of Tumblr which means it doesn't get a lot of hits. If it was based off of WordPress, maybe it's a different story. I see blogs who post independent artists but the next post will be Kanye West or a new Eminem song. They believe in independent artists but they are looking out for themselves. Because the unknown sites are trying to get the hits that a 2dopeboyz or NahRight is getting. Blogging is mad political, man. To them it's about getting their name out. It's about getting their big hit off of a blog and making a lot of money. The thing is, though, there are a million blog sites out there doing the exact same thing. Posting mainstream music to get a hit. Me? Nah, I'm not about that. My blog is about getting these starving artists some recognition. I mean, I don't get a million hits on my site a day nor do I care. If I get 200 hits a day, I look at it as 200 people saw the artists who need to be seen. I have a semi strong following on twitter with almost 700 followers and all them see the artists I'm posting. I know I might not blow up but these artists might and that is their life... Their craft. I'm not a selfish blogger... I'm a realist.

What have you learned from your many digital travels and searches for HM? One thing I have learned is that DatPiff has a lot of generic hip hop. I once spent a week going through their archives looking for artists. Out of the 1000s of mixtapes I listened to (some skimmed) I only found a few that were good. That's another thing I learned. If you want to stand out, you can't make the same things as on the radio. No one can relate to driving Porches and wearing $1000 chains. People want stuff they can relate to. On the flipside of that, people want to dream. So i can see why people would want to listen to that music. To have dreams and goals to get, no matter how materialistic they are. The people that are regulars and even new comers to my site know what they are going to get. Great lyrics, inspiring sound, and sometimes bangers. But the bangers have lyricism to them. Also I learned that Twitter is a phenomenal tool for artists to tell other artists about your site. If an artist is good and they have potential, they'll get play on my site. Simple as that. And I'm not picky about getting music through email or Twitter or Facebook. Some bloggers only want it through email. It doesn't bother me to get them on Twitter. It all gets listened to the same and gets posted the same regardless of through email or Twitter or Facebook.

Tell me about the Rise Of The Fallen project you have going. How do you go about picking the artists? Last year, I had an idea to get a lot of good artists on a mixtape to showcase their talents to other blogs. You know, get them recognition. So I decided to make this mixtape putting them all together. An artist gave me the name "Rise Of The Fallen" and I liked it. Not only was it closely Transformers related (Revenge Of The Fallen) but it was exactly what the mixtape embodied. The rise of those artists who have fallen in mainstream's shadow. It was cool, too, because people started making Transformers related tracks and I thought it was a nice "thank you" from the artists for featuring them on the tape. The first ROTF was two discs. The second, named The Coronation Of King Starscream, was one disc with an addendum a week later with tracks that didn't fit the original feel. The third one, Beast Mode, was one disc and is probably my favorite one that has been released. ROTF IV, Decepticons Forever, has a nice tracklist to it. They all have a theme to them and I ask artists to send tracks relating to that theme or create their own track. As for selecting the artists, I don't do that. That is favoritism and that's not fair. I post on Twitter the deadline for the mixtape and whoever wants to send in music can. Everything has to be in by that deadline. I usually post the info for the mixtape every other day on Twitter at different times because I know some artists are on a different times of the day so they all see it. Then, when I release it, I send an email out to different blog sites and hope they post. Because I want people to see these artists' hard work and hopefully they start following them on Twitter and getting into their music. That's happened a few times to artists that were on there. They get featured on KevinNottingham and RockTheDub and 84Area...  It's really cool.

Pimpin is easy, so I guess blogging is too? Well of course pimpin is easy and blogging is too. Well, most of the time. Like I said before it's becoming political and some blogs race to get exclusives on their site first. I listen to everything I receive and it gets up in decent time. I don't play the political game. I'm just the leader of the Decepticons, sitting on his throne on Cybertron and posting music to those who I feel deserve it. Because if I posted what everyone else did and did what everyone else did... I'd be an Autobot. And Megatron will never be a dirty Autobot.

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