And I sit

Waiting for the bell to ring, aka time to go home. Robot movements out the door. Blah 9-5's! Courtest of Pedro Jaimef

Anyway, I found out a site that is trying to see if they can organize a Dominican Carnaval (Spanish, not in English) here in NYC, for at least a Sunday. I think that is pretty damn awesome. I have never been in DR for that, and am crazy to see something at least in the same spirit of the one's held in February in Dominican Republic. I offered my photographic services and hope that they are all on board for it. Those elaborate masks and costumes are fantastic especially the balloons they hit people with, I hear they hurt like a bitch!!

I cant wait what can come out of this idea, and the powers that be. If they can get the same kind of atmosphere, woooooo man! As far as the Dominican parade goes, I definitely don't consider it to be something that shows our culture and good comes out of it. It actually makes us looks like a bunch of monkeys with clothes on (not to mention the stupid platano cellphones), un tro de animales acting a fool. There is trash everywhere, the guys yelling their loud/retarded/lame cat's pretty sad. I definitely like to think we have a bit more class than that.

OmegaOn a side note, Tu no ta pa mi is on a constant loop in my head. Yes he dresses like your typical hick drug dealer that has money. Apparently having money and being a merenguero Mambero means you have to be a hot mess with your style. but besides his clothing (which somewhat annoys me), his beat is super catchy, and somewhat infectious. I respect the Mamberos for what they are, dancy club merengue and sometimes it actually sounds good. I'll tell you one thing tho, I prefer Aramis Camillo, over this Omega character that's for sure!

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