WGM got interviewed on ChiMil Publications!

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by ChiMil Publications... check it out! Peace to Shortfuze for the great questions! "Recently, I sat down with WGM, blogger, music lover, visual artist and a man of many hats. We touched on, the state of Latinos in music, blogging in today's internet and much more. Enjoy and when you're done here,  check out one of my favorite blogs out: www.whengiantsmeet.com

1. First off let me just say I enjoy your blog because you talk about everything. It's personal to you, but you make it relate able to anyone. Is that something you consciously set out to do? You hit the nail in the coffin with the personal yet relatable comment. I try to create a level of personal comfort where the reader doesn't feel like there is a bot posting links. That's one of those things that set me off, when websites just post something with no personal commentary then in turn just creating a "hits" machine..." (Read More)

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