I'm Rich Bitch

I just became the proud owner of more than 40 gigs worth of 70-90's Spanish music (mostly merengue). Thanks to a family friend, he let me "borrow" his music selection for a listen. Holy shit...is really what I had to say when I saw the listing, it's bananas! There are songs here that have soo many memories (Peter Cruz - Cometa Blanca for one) attached to them, and tons of great beats. Most of this stuff is hard to find, IF you can find them at all. There are live albums in the list that would make a music-head go nuts and definitely not sold in stores. I got Monchy Capricho albums of when my cousin used to play trumpets for him, it's awesome. There are also many 1 hit wonder band albums too, and semi obscure bands like Grupo Bongo. Obviously you can tell I am extremely happy to have all this, just like when the light comes back on from the apagon, you hear a collective EAHH!

Hate to sound like a old timer (even if I'm only 29), but they don't make merengue like they used to. It was definetly fun, you could hear it anywhere, try listening to Shino in a family gathering.  I know the dude (Church Youth Group JQP, yes church) and like some of his songs, but most are not family ok. It truly is an amazing collection, and am glad I came across it!

Desde que yo vi esa lista me volvi loco! Es increible que alguien tuvo todos estos albums intacto hasta ahora. Hay canciones que me arecuerdan cuando todos los primos y primas nos juntavamos en el Bronx (casa de mi tio), y nuestros padres hablando, bailando y bebiendo. Cometa Blanca me arecuerdas el tiempo que mi hermano se caso, y yo me suvi a la atarima y empece a cantar la cancion sin microfono! Si no tuviera nueve años, podrian decir que estava borracho, jajaja. Bueno, ya tengo dos dias tratando de organizar toda la musica, y casi estoy por la mitad!! Diabbbblllooo.

For those that didn't understand that, learn Spanish :p

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