The Truman Reality Show: Dance For Me Monkey

Reality(?) TV... oh how much we love/hate/despise/admire thee. Never-mind the fact that some of it is scripted, I want to touch on the impact it has on us and the ones being watched. We all at one point or another have watched one of these shows either it be about cooking, competitions, music, life, etc and are all equally responsible for what goes on or happens in these shows. A person, family, or group is watched as much possible then televised so we can watch their lives become this unavoidable paparazzi filled, uncomfortable and awkward mess to the point where it alters who they are. Sound like fun yet?

I'm not going to sit here and say all reality tv sucks because it doesn't and I would also be a hypocrite for saying that I haven't enjoyed it sometimes. The main thing that does bother me about it is how they (writers, producers) take advantage of a flaw or issue that one person may have and exploit it for all of America to see without an inkling (from what I've seen) of thought for the well being of whoever is on camera. A great example of exploitation is the Jersey Shore show that is filled with gratuitous gelling, alcohol, friskiness, and stupidity. Instead of trying to help them somehow with all the money and influence they have, the producers throw more money and send em off to Miami of all places. Sure everyone loves a good car crash as they say, but at the end you want to make sure that everyone is alright... don't put them inside another flaming drunken rage downhill car chase at 200MPH.

How much longer are we going to be able to push these people to a limit that they weren't even capable off until the camera was in their faces? We see the mental damage, greed and family problems that arise with these shows yet millions sit feverishly to see the next freakout on camera. We watch our brothers and sisters on screen going thru idiotic things for money and fight for some lost cause or experiment and we are a-ok with it. How many lives does TV (us) have to ruin until a light bulb goes off and tells you that we are destroying all of ourselves by exploiting our fellow man/woman for the sake of "entertainment"? Who will be the biggest loser in the end... maybe all of us.

You might say "well they had a choice"... and so do we.

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