Is that what crack feels like?

As I sit in class, I start looking for places to put it. I look under the chair/desk things in Social Studies class, hmmm nah. Before the 1 train goes in the tunnel, on-top at the 181st station...Hmm a little scared but tempting. Oh wait I got to go to the Post Office near Webster Hall, gotta get some stickers. Yes Grafitti, one of the most powerful drugs ever. I, like many of urban youth was part of the graf movement. I loved every bit of it, and still do. For one thing, it was addicting as all hell. All you do is scout areas to see where you can get up at, most times it's all you can think about (attributed to my first time in summer school, 9th grade). I don't do walls anymore, or bombin, I guess I "grew up", but never out of it. I recently was looking for old writers that I used to know (ADER YKK, KEEPS AD, MARS ONE 21W, etc.), and found across some in Flickr, but just pictures of their stuff.  If you guys are reading this, Washington Irving Besk here (Yes it's cheesy but it was my first). Every time I see old pictures, black books and tags, the smell of paint, shoe dye, and Magnum markers come 'round.

I remember one of my last experiences was writing up near the West side highway, handball court opposite of the highway view. Me and...I forget him name but he was part of SYC (Inwood, NYC). We were taggin up the handball wall, then a park police or whatever they were (green truck, had badges) came up and got us. They asked if we knew that what we did was no good. I took it like he said my shit was wack, and got pissed and went off on him. Yeah not smart, while hiding the can inside my Columbia raincoat (Black, aquagreen, and purple, what you know about that), and some stolen Prismacolor markers from Pearls inside my sleeves. Lucky for us he took it well and just let us go, I was very surprised...maybe he DID like my bomb haha.

With my searching I found Jersey Joe. His stuff is pretty tight. Has that old school mixed in with Ren & Stimpy style. Diggin it!

Yep I picked the Mickey one.

It's great to see that some stuff got the love and are pushing graf for what it is, a part of culture and art. Can control is definitely not a problem here, and his vivd style and colors make shit pop out nicely. Now if the whole arresting thing got lifted...

*Finds his scratchy rock*

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