15 Steps to swagger

rhg09As I sat yesterday waiting feverishly for any mention of Radiohead to appear, I wondered if they even gave a damn about the Grammy's. Hmm, no metion yet, then again it's the Grammy's and Miley Cirus and some other chick singing about being 15... yeah I know who cares. Some good performances here and there, overall obviously it was your typical mainstream "why the hell did they win!?" award show. Record of the year went to Robert Plant (Zepplin) and Alison Krauss (WHO!?). Never heard of this album, guess I'm not that cool. I was surprised to see M.I.A. nominated for that, I guess all those MTV spots actually did something right. Best new artist went to Adele (hahaha Jonas brothers!), she has a interesting voice. That "I kissed a girl" chick was there, what a waste of time that was. Really only two highlights last night for me.

First up Swagger Rat pack T.I., Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Hov, featuring the poppin (literally) M.I.A. The whole Black and white, Rat pack setup was pretty cool. M.I.A.'s dress was of questionable nature as usual, but her voice made it o'tay. That dress was silly as hell, looking like Yoshi's eggs on her baby belly. My wife said "Why didn't she wear a normal dress, she would look soo cute", I just replied with "It's M.I.A. we talking 'bout". The band they had going was ok, but there was some of the beats that were a bit low. Overall pretty dope to see them all there performing this addicting song.

AND THEN RADIOHEAD, yep they did it again. With the Marching band of USC, they performed 15 Steps. Shit was hot like a mutha. The whole sound was great, and the timing of the band was fantastic. One thing that was off...Thom's hair. That was some real emo looking style, the bad kind (If there is a good one anyways). This performance is yet another reason why I love this band. They tried to do things differently, and it just works. The spastic movements of Yorke were as usual amusing, yet scary.

But that's about it, nothing else stood out. Not even Neil Diamonds Sweet Caroline, which I'm tired of because of every wedding they play it in. Let's wait for next year so they can award more thingy's to more people that aren't as good. God I sound like a grumpy old man...hahaha.

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