Divine Minds & SoulKlap - Give Up The Stick

Hip-Hop and videogames wrapped up in one good album... did that really just happen? Yup. There have been countless albums and bands dedicated to videogame themes, songs, parodies but they tend to either fall short or go way off the geek meter to sound good. In come Divine Minds & SoulKlap along with Mick Boogie and Terry Urban's 'Give Up The Stick'... the bar is raised ladies and gentlemen. They got all sorts of mario goodness (Nintendowhore) even the Super Mario World SNES bowser castle track (New King) which has always been dope. Even Giant artists Savant and Landon Wordswell dropped some on this album... damn the goodness don't stop. A perfect blend of good lyrics and videogame tribute this is def one of my new favorite albums... hell they made two of the best things in the world mesh perfectly. A tip of the digital top hat to Mick Boogie and Terry Urban for contributing and making a new favorite album. TRACK AND FIELD... Download....NOOOOOOOOW! *end theme plays*

#LatePass #Geek #Videogames #ImDoneNow... no really I'm done now.

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