Kanye West - Devil In A New Dress

Ok this is a little different and mainstreamy I guess, but I love the concept and the beat. Kanye West is releasing a track every Friday until he releases his album and it's all brand new music. Bet you even the 'Ye haters were waiting to download and hear what he had to release so he got em, and it's all good I tell you. The concept is dope, the beat is dope, and the lyrics are cool... why not post I say? Well here it is, soulful in thought and sound I'm fully on board with what he's trying to do. By the way Kanye lets keep it this way, your "King Kong "theory might be true just don't prove them right and be a better person.

[audio=http://www.pxl-vision.com/WGM/Trks/KW-DIAND.mp3] DOWNLOAD

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