NO kitty that's my 85 dorrah!

So last night I had the frightful experience opening up my Nintendo Wii, to take out a quarter my son put in the slot. I don't like opening up my Nintendo system's at all, but i refused to pay 85 dollars for them to take out one coin, and then waiting more than a week to get it back. I was nervous as all hell, being that it was a gift my wife gave me, and it's my favorite system (360 in second) it was a slow process. I think I looked at a youtube video on opening it like 20 times, haha. Now it works like nothing ever went wrong, but boy was I scared of screwing it up. I did manage to get a game scratched because of the coin chilling inside. Then if I did mess it up, Nintendo won't look at it, because I opened the system up! That's when I would really be royally screwed, and upset. I never want to open that thing up again, so coins are no longer allowed in the house (I fear quarters now haha) and my son has no clue what he did obviously cause he's two. Removing those lil sticky squares was kinda bad, because now they don't go back on like they were before due to me prying it off. It's ok tho, as long as it works right!?

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