You gots some soul!?

If you don't check below for some amazing video from the 70's. Al Green, Tito Puente, to even Willie Colon and Hector singing Aguanile!!! soul-home

I am soo happy that Thirteen is releasing these online, it's a part of culture and it's getting a bigger notice than before. Thanks for the link up Potash! Plus you get to see Tito Puente with a 'fro, looking like a Spaceballs Trooper. Also Willie Colon is there, and got a scrawny Hector singing it up. A very cool person is there doing the interviews and poems, Felipe Luciano the first Chairman of The Young Lords Party. I am going to be looking forward to the other videos being added (39 shows. 1968-1973?), Keep em coming!!

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