Press Start! Art and Show

It must be Heaven Friday's because there is mucho videogame stuff out there today. While browsing thru a new favorite artist Johnny Crap (Darth Vato) shop I saw a great... no-no, amazing piece of art which I find out it's part of an art gallery tribute to old school games called Press Start! Even better is that Johnny Craps has the original illustration up for sale, and you can also buy the tee from their shop.

Press Start! is an old school videogame tribute art show presented by Uranium, Toy Company and the good folks at Headquarters Gallery in Montreal annually. These pics make me wish I was there in all it's geeky artsy glory while hearing the bleep bloops in my head. They had a good amount of fantastic pieces there, check them out below and if your interested in buying click here. Peace to Montreal Vinyl, maybe next year we'll see you there!

Check out the rest of the gallery here.

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