Alright it's something

We (Dominicans) aren't known for our film talent, but one thing we know is Baseball hehe. sugar

Enter a new movie made in D.R. called Sugar, about a upcoming star trying to make it and get his family to a better place. The old idea of from rags to riches story in a poverty stricken area, yeah I know...done. Obviously being Dominican, I hold a bit more faith for the movie (Primarily because it's a Dominican story with actual Dominicans acting, pride like that) and hope to see it do well. Even if the Directors are American, it's still a story faithful to the language and location (movies filmed in Chicago and then portrayed as NY...meh) which is welcome. I checked out the trailer and it seems pretty cool, has also gotten some good reviews so far and nominated twice.

Comes to NY April 3, 2009, most likely small release...they got my ticket! Even tho there has been a bigger presence of the arts now in D.R., production value in movies are no where near what they are here. Hopefully this helps some visionaries in D.R. to get their collective asses up and start caring what things look like in their films and not limit Dominican Film to just Comedies. If I hear that a new movie is out from Dominican Republic, and it's some kind of comedy I think I will scream. We tend to think that all we can do is some skits and scats, but I know there is waaay more talent there.

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