Minotauro Labs Zine Giveaway!!

I like giving away free stuff and I just so happen to have a couple of great 'Drawing Down The Moon'  zines full of the insane work from Minotauro Labs and want to give them out to a few lucky folks... but it ain't THAT easy! I will be posting a couple of questions and you need to leave a comment and answer what is required to win, sounds easy right? Yeaaaaaah...

A few words from Dennis Pomales on his work in 'Drawing Down The Moon' with WGM: "Drawing Down The Moon is a zine of drawings that explores themes of magick, intent, transformation, rituals, invocations, self-awareness, making the unknown known, the cycles of the moon and its magnetism. I hope whoever glances through it will have spontaneous synchronized revelations. Or, you can just think it's trippy and weird, that's cool too."

First three people to answer either question in the comment area get 1 zine each and some extras. The fourth get a random package sent to their house, I will let Lil Giant pick the items from my computer room filled with books, electronics, games, bodies and such... which won't be so good for me haha. The winners will be revealed on Wednesday September 15, 2010!

(1) Identify this teeny creature! (Side story: I used this for a Rasheed Chappell cover once) click picture to view bigger

(2) What Family Guy season and episode is this from? "Oh.. ah I'm sorry is my wedding interrupting your promotion?"

Good Luck!!!

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