Ohini Jonez - Mr. August 26th The Desperation

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muYTaz4aFdc&w=500]I'd like to open this video/track discussion with a few words from the fam Ohini Jonez: "The backstory on the record is that my birthday was on August the 26th, and I was feeling a lil down, looking back on the last year, even though we made a lot of gains at ABM/Paper Street. Nothing was really tangible, I was looking at the success people were having in more normal aspects of life, feeling a little doubtful of myself. Of course all that was shaken off as soon as the rhyme was written."

This feeling of hopelessness that a person feels is and or can be heightened by the want or need of "making it" and could be a hell of a thing to overcome. The way you see many rising above and feel that your still on the same step no matter how many paces you move forward or obstacles conquered can weigh you down. But the same way an artist of any medium can want something really bad is the same way he/she can overcome this overwhelming feeling of failure/depression. Anyone that has wanted to rise up in any way can relate and maybe feel exactly the same way as Ohini did. Unless you have gone thru depression or something of the sort, understanding a feeling of personal failure from an artist will prove very difficult. Appreciate your favorite artist/musician, they are people too and go thru rough times like everyone else. It's not just entertainment sometimes, it can be a portal to their world and a way of showing you that they can hurt too. Thanks to Ohini Jonez for sharing a deep and dark part of his life with us.

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