Halo Reach Midnight Dispatch

So Best Buy in NYC is having a crazy launch party tonight with DJ's, Demos, Kid Cudi performing at the Best Buy Theater (Nokia Theater), prizes, comics and all that good stuff. WGM sadly couldn't attend BUT that doesn't mean we can't bring you some info or cool shots of Halo Reach! Enjoy and game on then let us know if you like the game and how it plays.

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FEATURES: Campaign: A prequel to Halo 1, Reach's campaign tells the tale of a squad of Spartan soldiers called Noble Team trying - and failing - to defend the planet Reach from Covenant invasion. Options include 4-player online co-op, skulls, scoring, and difficulty which scales the AI to the number of players. Multiplayer: Halo's classic multiplayer, expanded with new gameplay, improved matchmaking features, much improved net code, new vehicles, weapons, game types and the deepest custom options the series has seen. Firefight: First seen in Halo 3: ODST, Firefight is a cooperative arena mode pitting players against AI opponents. Features include full matchmaking support, deep custom options and a versus mode. Forge: Halo 3's collaborative object editor returns with a greater focus on map creation. Reach's iteration improves the UI significantly and includes an enormous canvas map called Forge World to build custom maps on. Matchmaking: Multiplayer, Firefight and Campaign all feature full matchmaking support. Campaign and Firefight allow drop-out, but not drop-in. Theater: As with Halo 3, games from all gameplay modes (Campaign, Multiplayer, Firefight, Forge) can be played back as game data, and thus viewed from any angle or speed. Custom clips and screenshots can be culled from games and to save or share. File Sharing: Custom game types, maps, screenshots and saved films can be published to the community using the File Share system. Shared content across the entire Halo community can be searched, rated and downloaded both in-game and on Bungie.net. Service Record & Bungie.net: Reach expands on Halo 3 and ODST's online support. The player's game history details, lifetime stats and accomplishments to date as well as in progress are part of the Service Record, which is integrated both into Reach and in greater detail on bungie.net. Player Investment & Reward: An large suite of features spanning all the game modes to reward play, replacing Halo 3's multiplayer XP and rank system. Players earn Credits (in-game currency) for playing any game mode of Reach, which can then be spent to unlock a huge volume of (cosmetic) armor and other items to customize their Spartan and Elite characters. Challenges (in-game goals updated weekly by Bungie), career Commendations, an ultra-competitive multiplayer seasonal Arena system and lifetime Rank system round out the package.


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