I can make my own Green Tea!!

Daddy! Dadddddy! I'm awake, I woke up! ^^ This is my wake up call on the weekends, at least he's nice about waking me up at 7AM on Saturday and Sunday. So I usually get him and bring him over to our bed to chill for a bit. Then after he see's some kind of fighting or cartoon, he's in energy drink mode (Naturally). Starts karate chopping us and playing around. But this Sunday was... a little different.

So as he played around our heads, walking near our pillows as we squinted wishing he doesn't step on us, he did something new. So he sits near my head, and starts talking up a storm. "Oh daddy Lazytown, and Blue's Clues, Handy Manny, Handy Manny needs help daddy", I laugh and agree and talk back. Then I happen to doze off again, and wake up to my wife laughing and saying "Oh you funny, daddy look", he then opens his pullups outward (Big Boy status) and says Oh? Green tea daddy?"

I laugh then look up and see him laughing saying Green Tea. I didn't think nothing of it, until...I felt something near me. HE WAS PEEING ON MY PILLOW! haha yes I know hilarious. I was pissed and laughing at the same time. He opened his pull-up and since he had that little space between his legs and the pull-ups, it was coming out! So he thought green tea was coming out of his pipi, and we laughed it off as he peed near my head without me noticing. This is one of the few funny as all hell stories being a parent. Can't wait to see what he does next!!!!

Hopefully it doesn't involve piss...

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