Gimme Wind!

windenergypark Finally thing's are starting to look better for good ol DR! This is the opening image for the first ever Wind Energy Park in Dominican Republic. The country has been horrible with electricity, and till this day it still goes off. I was thinking about Solar energy to pull in energy from the sun to help light up the towns/houses and wonder why no one has done it yet.  Maybe it's the expensive cost of solar energy keeping it back form the Caribbean? It does cost a pretty penny that's for sure.

I have no clue if wind energy i cheaper (could be), but this is a great start! As many as people say the DR is a 3rd world country, I refuse to believe it and know there is better there and this is one of those examples. The energy crisis over there is a MAJOR issue, but as all Caribbean countries do... they adapt to it. The famous words "Se fue la luz!" is usually heard, even here living in Washington Heights I've heard it.

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