Cuba here we come?

So this is mildly interesting if anything. I can hear the yells and screams of "Patriots" and or the All American SuperFriends at the suggestion of nationalizing banks. But here is where I have no clue on what side to sit. Economy is in shite right now, and things are getting desperate. Is the best thing that we could do right now is to let the Government control our banks? Maybe it will actually work, then again politics iz t3h durty.

Opinions on Capitalism and Marxism emerge with this topic, and rightfully so. Then again at the same time, who's to say it will 100% not work? My initial reaction was a good one, then I thought of all the bull that goes on in those high up offices. This is definitely a tough one and would have to be proven in some magical (100% type stuff) way to us, or most people are going to HELL NO it.

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