Yea it might be alot

So on Digitpress there's a discussion on games and if they cost too much. As much as I am a video game collector and fan, I'd say yes they are a bit too much now. Right now they are 50-60, at least most of the good and 1st party ones are. The developers keep screaming for scraps, yet the game business is bigger than Hollywood right now. I don't see how they are going about the money. It is hard to say if 60 is a great price if the game is going to last me 5-10 hours. I been playing Burnout Paradise for 10 or so hours OFFLINE. I think this is one of those games that is definitely worth it due to the replay value. This game is 20 bucks now and I would say it's worth the 60 bones. Rare is the case that a game costs 60 bucks and is good and has lots of replay value.

Yes they do have more to pay for (Disc replication and shipping and all that), but damn you make more than double or triple the money one dvd might make. I am definitely having a harder time deciding to buy a 50-60 game now, not even including the Economy, and having the responsibilities of a family which I do. I love buying used games, but at the same time I don't feel like I am contributing to the game development and industry. It is also about value at the same time, one game for 60 or several games for the same price! Hmm...better to wait for that price drop.

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