Uncommon x Soap Box - No Dough, No Show Compilation

Uncommon Records formed this mixtape to go along with the Soap Box Clothing fall line and showcase the struggles that musicians go thru in their career. This is actually a pretty good concept and the message behind it is relative to every single person that considers themselves an artist of any kind. Recognition is always at a very high demand but we as creative want to get paid just like the rest of the people out there. Because of over-saturation or under appreciation many folks hand out freebies (I know I have!) in different forms of art to then not even get a cent back when the talent is there. One of the first times that I see a collective effort to support each other as craftsmen and get the message across that not everything in life is always for free especially someone's art.

The tracks sound even better now because of the relative theme haha. Nasa (Executive Producer) brings constant good music with each release that Uncommon Records puts out while giving a voice to many... gotta acknowledge what he's done with this project for sure. Everyone brings it honest and never pretentious or cocky, just asking for what should come with appreciation of their worth and I fully agree.  Soap Box did a great job with the tee design also, I'm definitely coping one today. Labors of love are still labor so go and cop the collabo tee below that they came out with also!