Girl you ashy!

On my way to work this morning and I see zombies walking towards me with the mark. Empty stares as they get to their job, them I remember WAIT it's Ash Wednesday! I have always had some difficulty believing that I should be putting ashes to publicly show mourning and expressing sorrow for sins and faults. Especially since it's something that man said, and not God (correct me if I am wrong please). I always thought it was better to not showboat your feelings for your sins and talk to God one to one. Which brings me to another maybe man-made rule (once again, correct me if I am wrong) in Catholicism. Confession. This topic has landed me a good amount of heated arguments with people from my old church, even priests! My argument was, if I was truly sorry for my sins, and prayed to God to forgive me and asked to be forgiven...was I not, just because I didn't go to a priest? Woooo man Padre Antonio hated that question!! It just seemed like another rule we were supposed to follow just because some dude put it in there and didn't specify about one to one prayer confession. I am ok with it if there is actual words from God/Jesus telling to do so and not just something the Church invented and yes I am familiar with Matthew 9:2-8.

Boy do I sound angry! haha We ll I am not. I just don't like some of the man-made rules in religion. I guess I'm questioning too much according to the church.

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