The 'Ye Factor

Eventually there comes a time that an artist reaches their own heavenly top and maybe the expectations of others at the same time. It's when you're there that you have the biggest audience and folks want to see you succeed as much as they want to see you fail. Never expect to always be catered to, taken serious, and not get the crazy stamp put on by the media if you speak your mind (even if right or you're an artist) with no buffer. Regardless of how good they say you are or think you are, you might be irrelevant (nobody) to others. Mind yours and don't get distracted by your own ego, it can be a hell of a drop if you let it and the decent has begun once more.

I've been a fan since the preppy gear with the backpack, I enjoy hearing what you had/have/may have but you're pushing it with the new folks interested in your little sound. We all have our problems and depending how we chose to deal with them it also shapes who you become, don't let your problems or situations define you then in turn create this persona that emerges out of the golden ashes. Yeah I hear you, but guess what? ...we all have our own issues. It's easy to start blaming folks or make someone else stop something, best believe there will be walls and barriers put up in your name because of it so don't act surprised. I say just move on and mind yours, keep doing what you think you were put on this earth to do and it's all good with no party foul.

Blind... no, a believer... yes. Man up.