Farewell Mindy

My sister just told me that her dog Mindy died yesterday. At the entrance of their bedroom of all things. She has a tumor and they thought they found it in good time, but guess not. Such a sad thing to go thru, especially my little nephew that loved her soo much. He didn't sleep last night, because of the whole thing. Mindy you will be missed ol girl... This year has bought on a lot of weird and sad things. Add this one to the death list, which there are too many in 2009. Some people will say she was just a dog. They are absolutely right, but at the same time it was a animal that loves you unconditionally, was obedient and was always there to play with you. If you don't have a pet, you cannot relate to the feeling of having your little dog jumping with happiness just because your home. Or their tail wagging when you call them over and pet them.

I know my dog sometimes drives me nuts, but there is no way I can be ok with him going away let alone death. After a while they become part of your family as crazy as that may sound, then again if it sounds crazy you most likely never had a pet.

Ahhh 2009, how twisted you've been early in the game.