Ok so I might not be the most religious person, but I do have my beliefs. I was bought up Christian Catholic, and later looked into other religions (from Buddhist to Satanism). More because I love to read about other religions and take a little from each and use it in daily life (Just the good ones!). At the end of the day everyone, or at least a lot of us pray to the same goodness. So I have never thought that one religion is right and another is wrong. I recently found a blog post on a Atheist site (Who has a awesome top banner), comparing Hilter to God, yeah I know a little too harsh. They bought up parts of the bible where God has done certain things and compares it to Hitler's insane Utopia. While I read it, yes it did sound bad, but I would think it was for a better reason beyond what we can process. Although from what was told to me by a priest once, the bible is more of showing us examples in stories than actual fact. It is not to be taken word for word, but used as a tool to guide us.

I don't agree with people taking a religion and trashing it like they did, but I do agree on free speech. Double edged sword if ya ask me, but that is life. There should just be some kind of mutual respect (yeah I know) with Religious and Atheists. We are living together, make the best of it. Don't just open up a Wordpress blog to slander either or. In the famous words of the drunk who got beat up..."Can't we all just get along?"

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