Myk Dyaleks - Make 'Em Yell(ow)

The solo project of Myk Dyaleks (Brokn.Englsh) 'Make 'Em Yell(ow)' reminds me why I like to listen to music at night. I listened to this album on a flight back to the U.S. last night at 11pm after shuffling around trying to find the right soundtrack for the night. It fell right in place where I was at, straight chill mood while high in the sky. The album has a relaxed mood to it while creating a soulful social experience with dope lyrics that keep it from the usual stagnant materialistic views in Hip-Hop. 'Make 'Em Yell(ow)' tells you to slow down and it does just that in a way where Myk's views come thru with utmost clarity while maintaining that laid back feel.

I always look forward to an album that can be considered more than just good music, 'Make 'Em Yell(ow)' falls into this category. It's not just about the lyrics or how dope the beat is... more on how nicely everything comes together as a complete. It has hints of rock and soul which makes it more an experience which has the varied yet cohesive package we love in our music. I know the Yell(ow) is symbolism for sunshine and all but I think this is best played late at night or after a busy day. Hip-Hop transcends strictly headphones along with ruffin and thuggin once again so purchase the goodness below at the well worth price of 5 dollars.

Oh yeah the homie Deal the Villain mixed the whole project too... JERSEY!