Grimace Federation 'On Velvet' Album

'On Velvet' is a fantastic surreal escape into the world of the Psych Rock and Progressive Jazz sounds by Grimace Federation. Not sure if there are any words to really describe the album as it has to be listened to and I hope you let it take you on it's path of star filled swirling colored skies as I did. Grimace Federation has created an album that creates it's own world within ours, it doesn't take away but adds to the dreamscape of our auditory vision. This is definitely another album that I can listen to late at night as everything winds down. It has an openness to it and reminds me of some of the best Flying Lotus sounds, I believe it has a great dose of experimentation in sound as well. You can buy the digital($7) or disc($15) version of 'On Velvet', the disc also has free shipping which makes it a great stocking stuffer too!