89 The Brainchild - Trill MF'n Cosby

89'er is back with Trill MF'n Cosby and it's about damn time! The homie got sounds that vary and it's like several artists of different Hip-Hop shades that came together (sort of yeah) and made one tape but that's how multi layered he can be personally and it shows in his music. It all comes together in the end and def feels like a 89 The Brainchild album thru and thru. I've always enjoyed his lyrics and the playful nature which he puts everything, never taken too serious but know the talent is there makes for a great thing. An album that goes with headphones but also can be heard loud and bumpin from speakers, another auditory experience to be enjoyed cause the brotha got some new dope 'ish for y'all.

With appearances from Jersey's own Michael Cardigan of St. Joe Louis, Wordspit, Japanese Syncro System, Mark II and production by KReam Team, Johnson&Jonson, $1 Bin it's a barnburner folks. After delays here and there Trill MF'n Cosby has been unleased, now let it go nuts in your ears, peace to 89 for making a track about how skinny chicks need to eat too "eat some food, eat some food" haha! With something for everyone chocolate pudding is back and that Cosby stuff... funny as hell.

Download: 89 The Brainchild -Trill MF'n Cosby