Laserfang - Mammoth

It's hard to describe what Laserfang sounds like, I guess I can say it's a mix of electronic sounds psychedelic vocals with a rock feel to it. Reminiscent sounds of Dub Trio and Gorillaz (to me at least) with the dancy rhythm that can be found in Brooklyn parties with a little twist of off-ness = awesome. The fifth song reminds me of Animal Crossing's KK Slider (Geek) on a Saturday night too so that's awesome in it's own way as well haha. Another posting from the artists of Salt Lake City, sounding fantastic this one is going to stay close to my ears.

You can buy below to get the digital copy of the album ($9), or a 12" vinyl ($15) that also includes the digital download as well. I coped that vinyl with the awesome artwork by Sri Whipple. Check the sound below and enjoy!