All brown and grey again

So I just got back from DR on Monday and boy am I feeling it! Under the sad circumstances (death in the family), it was a breath of fresh air...literally. I met with family that I haven't seen since I got married, felt great. They took us out alot, which was fun. Took tons o pics, and we ate like animals. My son also got to meet a good amount of family that he never seen before. He loved it, free range running, drinking soda (don't let him drink it here), annnnd playing, what more can you ask for. There is always one thing that I miss when I come back, the togetherness of the folks over there. There is this unity that is different than the ones here, the bond is much more visible and stronger. Sure there are hardships like everywhere else, but it is something special in DR. Also the lack of interest in all things digital was great, people actually talk face to face and not thru some device and have activities. You get to spend more time with family and friends, and not glued to some computer screen...blogging :p

Sometimes I used to just sit out in the front of the houses, and watch as people pass by greeting everyone they saw. It's a great site to see, something that I am not used to in NJ or NYC. There is this coldness about people here that I can't get pass. I'm not saying DR is the friendliest place on Earth (It's Disney if you didn't know), but it's a heck of a difference. On the same side, there is the sadness of the local poor which breaks hearts. Makes me wish I knew the right people to do at least a little bit of help.

One thing is for sure, if you have a good education, and have a good steady job...your set. Especially if you know the right people. It is my quest to find those people, to make some wishes come true, hehe. Now coming back I felt some sadness to leave, since it was such a pleasant stay and still feel it now. It is a great country, and flourishing with Arts, new developments, and fantastic people. I hope everyone gets to see for themselves that Dominican Republic is Paradise Understood. Yeah it's a little mushy but damn it I love it there! haha

...No not because I am Dominican too, smart ass.

Oh almost forgot, Pizzarelli's is damn good pizza, way to go using actual real tomatos and sauce, not that frozen crap.