Datahowler - Dazees

Datahowler just released the second single off of 'Slowdrifter', an exciting project that comes out on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, Rhapsody on January 25th, 2011. I can't wait to get the stuff I ordered from the Kickstarter project for this album, I'm even getting a cassette of the album! This new track is made with "lots of love," has absolutely no samples on it and all instruments are played by Datahowler himself. Instruments used are the Guitar, Korg Polysix, Roland Juno G, Vocals, Piano, Bongos, Bass, Claves, Wood Blocks and Triangle... pretty crazy spacy if you ask me. The track stays true to the great sound he has crafted for the album and follows the first single 'Prophet.'

You can still support the album and get some good stuff if you pledge HERE.

Dazees by Datahowler