Moruf - Garden State of Mind: Ready To Live

There many emcees that promote images, lives, and thoughts that some can't ever fathom to live or want to, few have shown that passion for a new and better tomorrow for everybody and not just themselves. I saw the video (below) that Moruf posted on his Tumblr and became very interested in this album because of it's message. In the title is 'Ready To Live' and I'm glad to see that Moruf is on the same mission we are in and puts it to practice in his music. Many are ready to die for many causes but few are ready to live and do something that has them smiling back at life. Now having listened to the album I am happy to say it adds to Hip-Hop in a positive light while maintaining that infectious beat and lyrics that makes many proud to be a part of this Jersey movement in music.

A complete package of crazy beats and production with a few beats by Sean "Golden Child" Mangan, the album delivers on all levels on some of our favorite beats and new ones as well. Moruf's dope flow is enhanced with the content he spits, bringing a part of himself (as far as I can tell) and sincere in delivery makes me appreciate his words more.  Having a listen at someone that is trying to create while living good is where it's at, make that difference and give your message homie. The album is life and promotes it well, definitely worth the download and sharing with others... hell I'm going to try and get the actual cd of this album that I saw online. There is this amazing entity of Hip-Hop in New Jersey and Moruf is part of the followers in the movement, hear his message and share it as it's a good one.

Download HERE.

Check out the video that got me interested in the album:

[vimeo width="600" height="355"][/vimeo]