Hiptal, Metal-Hop, Hip-Hop Metal... whatever

[vimeo width="600" height="345"]http://vimeo.com/18731756[/vimeo] Whatever you want to call this... it's great to see the talent of today meshing in with bands and artists that fans of either genre wouldn't think of partnering up together. Most in the Hip-Hop community know who araabMUZIK is and what his robot arms can do but when combined with a few Metal folks, it becomes something beautiful that I would like to hear more of. Directed by Shane Annas and Todd Dossantos on camera, its a great video to look at as well. The black and white video with introductions to the musicians using the Cradle of Filth'ish logo look is awesome. Give us some more of this please, we can't keep playing 'Bring The Noise' forever!