One Day Later MLK Thoughts

I'm not going to spin and weave impossible ideas and dreams for what the world should be, but yes this is my Martin Luther King Jr. dream posting so there will be some hopes said while keeping the real world at mind. We have come a long way as people with our differences but unfortunately some hate towards each other still lives in one way or another. Yes I hope to have my son live in a future where cultural and racial difference is a good thing and not divided solely because of it. Embrace all the good in differences and we shall all grow to be better, let's start to lead by example for our kids if not for us. There have been many families hurt because of the unknown knowledge or ignorance towards other people and cultures, instead of spreading that same negative energy even more let's all come together as people and find out the why's or what of each other.

We can learn a lot by watching our young and how they interact with each other because of our influence, labels, or hateful words. It can spawn a bigger and uglier monster that we might not be able to control in the future. I'm not saying for the world to be lollipops and gumdrops because it will never be that, but lets all try to make it a little better here by at least being nicer to each other. Being harmful or causing problems to others doesn't invite anything good and never will, it will just come back (Karma) to you in one way or another when you least expect it. People tend to forget that they wouldn't want the same hateful and evil treatment they are dishing out, only thinking about how funny or hilarious a personal attack can be.

Let other be... differences and all they aren't harming anyone just because they aren't exactly like you. I am a firm believer in embracing our differences and learning from our mistakes, doing harm to a person should be something of the past by now because life is too short for all that nonsense. Peace, love, and understanding are fighting to be recognized every single day and it doesn't help that we won't open that door to let them in. What's wrong with being peaceful, or caring for others... is it not cool? I for one will keep trying my best to uphold the message of peace and understanding, I hope others join in and realize what a wonderful place it would be if we all accept each other and stop trying to ruin the lives of our fellow neighbor.

[audio: DW-MLK.mp3] Let me finish this post in celebrating the vision of Martin Luther King Jr. with a tribute that our homie from Will Rich Music sent. Click HERE to download the track if you feeling it.